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Introducing the Irish Life EMPOWER Master Trust

As the pensions landscape is set to become more challenging than ever, employers need to consider the role of Trustees when setting up a Defined Contribution Plan. With this is mind, Irish Life has carved out a market leading,EMPOWERing new solution to future-proof pension provision.
The Irish Life EMPOWER Master Trust is designed to provide Employers with Trustee Services that will absorb as much of the impact of this new pensions landscape as possible.
The Irish Life EMPOWER Master Trust allows employers to offer a modern, flexible pension scheme backed by the governance of an independent trust-based arrangement.

What is a Master Trust?

A DC Master Trust is a defined contribution pension scheme designed for multiple non-associated employers under one trust arrangement. Each employer benefits from being a part of the single trust, but each employer’s plan is administered entirely separately.

What are the employer benefits of using a Master Trust?

By joining the Irish Life EMPOWER Master Trust, employers are appointing a trustee who can meet all of their trust based,
regulatory and governance responsibilities and negate the burden of:
Whilst still maintaining the freedom to decide on the eligibility and the benefit structure for their employees.
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For further information on the Irish Life EMPOWER Master Trust please feel free to call 01 704 2000 or email