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AIM Pension Education

Pension Member Communication

We have an extensive range of communications to help members understand their company pension plan and to help them to effectively save for their future. These are a mixture of more traditional written communications as well as a range of online applications. They include:

Pension Member Communication

Service for company pension plan members

Group presentations and individual consultations

The Corporate Business AIM team provides a comprehensive consultation service to members to help them develop their understanding of how their company pension scheme operates, how they can use Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) to provide for additional retirement benefits and how they should approach the selection of an appropriate investment approach.

Our experience is that group and face-to-face discussions tend to be very powerful in helping members gain a deep understanding of how they can use the company pension scheme to best effect.

Our AIM member services team was set up in 2005 and remains unique in the Irish market. The AIM team attends our clients’ worksites to hold group presentations and one-to-one consultations with employees. There is no extra charge for this valuable service.

At one-to-one consultations the Irish Life Corporate Business AIM team provides information allowing members to consider the appropriate level of contributions to the group pension scheme, taking their retirement plans and Revenue maximum benefit/contribution limits into account. This process involves the preparation and discussion of retirement benefit projections, taking the member’s personal circumstances and goals into account.

One-to-one consultations are of particular importance to members over age 50, for whom retirement is much closer than for younger members. Given the shorter timeframe, it is very important that older members fully engage with their pension scheme so that they maximise their prospects of achieving their retirement goals, while managing their exposure to risk through appropriate investment of their accumulated fund.


What are the benefits of this AIM programme?

Members take responsibility for their own pension planning and understand the importance of paying the right amount into their pension fund.

  • Valuable communication exercise which answers a lot of the questions your employees will have on how their pension works, the benefits and investment choices open to them.
  • Suitable for all employees, including young and inexperienced investors.
  • Realistic pension expectations set with your employees.
  • Informing your employees on how to make their money work for them with the generous tax reliefs available.

To find out more read our brochure to summarise our AIM service.

If you are interested in availing of this service you can speak to your account manager or the

 AIM manager Gwen Reddy on 01 704 2210 or email