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Considerations for Employers and Trustees

The Pensions Authority recently issued guidance for Employer and Trustee consideration in the current Covid-19 environment. Our Director of Corporate Partnerships, Sean Egan looks at what this guidance means for Employers and Trustees and how Irish Life are helping their customers navigate these uncharted waters.

While there is no doubt that these are uncertain times for us all, you can be sure that Irish Life Corporate Business are here to guide and support you throughout this crisis. 

Read our response to the Pensions Authority.


Virtual Member Engagement

Like many businesses, our focus has shifted digitally to our online service offering as we have seen a dramatic increase in online engagement due to Covid-19. We understand the importance of continuing to provide up to date and relevant information for you and your employees. And have adjusted our approach and expanded our services online so we can better service your needs.

We want to assure you that our focus remains on our customers and will continue to provide the best information, services and support available for both you and your employees.

Watch our webcast to learn more about how we can support you and your employees.

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Market Update



We know that when it comes to investing, uncertainty is uncomfortable for most people. The spread of the coronavirus has created sudden and significant uncertainty, not to mention a lot of emotion. It can be tempting for pension plan members to switch some or all of their retirement savings to lower risk funds or even cash. This tends to erode the value of their savings over time. Getting invested and staying invested has been shown to be the most effective strategy. Irish Life Investment Managers have both the experience and expertise to manage the impact of coronavirus on investments. It is crucial to stay invested to get the benefit of the recovery which is closer now than before.

Other helpful information

KiwiSaver - New Zealand's proven Auto Enrolment


Irish Life recently published its vision for Auto Enrolment (AE) in response to the ‘Strawman’ proposal and the ambitious reform and simplification of pensions. A representative team travelled to New Zealand to further examine their KiwiSaver AE scheme. In our report, we include key learnings and insights into the technical aspects of implementing such a scheme and the necessity for AE to be correctly executed from the outset.

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Gender Pension Parity

Eight months have passed since we released In Search of Pension Parity: The Gender Pension Gap. We looked at some of the key reasons behind the gender pension gap and why it exists. As the market-leading provider of occupational Defined Contributions (DC) plans in Ireland, Irish Life are in uniquely placed to look for answers and provide support to our employers as we all work towards gender pension parity.

Our latest blogs bring you up to speed on what’s happening with the gender pension gap in Ireland and how flexible work trends around the world are successfully creating an environment where men and women can retire on an equal footing.

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