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Excellent member communication

Member Communication - Company Pension Plan

As your employees are members of a company pension scheme, it is important for them to have the right information about their pension when they join and on an ongoing basis.

The communication your employees can expect from us includes the following.

Member schedule or company pension plan member booklet

When your employee joins the company pension scheme they will be issued with a member schedule and booklet. This gives details on the company pension scheme including contribution, death benefits and any ill-health cover that may apply.

Pension Pulse

“Pension Pulse” is an innovative approach to member communication. We provide your employees with a simplified and personalised one-page document, called “Pension Pulse”, which contains two key messages for members of Defined Contribution (DC) and Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) pension schemes:

  • Retirement Savings: Are you saving enough?
  • Fund Choice: Are you happy with your level of investment risk?

We believe these are the two key areas of DC pension arrangements that members need to understand. Pension Pulse helps simplify the message around these two key areas in a short, snappy, colourful and modern communication and ultimately helps members plan better for their retirement.

Pension benefit statement

We will issue your employees with an annual pension benefit statement. This statement gives a breakdown of all contributions paid, the total charges deducted, as well as current values of the pension fund. The benefit statement also provides future projected values, giving them an idea of the type of retirement fund they can expect. The statement also provides details of life assurance and income protection benefits (where applicable).

Pension Planet Interactive

Pension Planet Interactive is a web based facility that allows your employees to check the value of their pension plan online and also see the contributions made to the plan. Once the trustees sanction it, all employees have the use of this facility. They simply log on to Pension Planet Interactive and register their details to begin.

Irish Life EMPOWER App 

Irish Life EMPOWER is designed for policy holders of a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) and members of Defined Contribution (DC) and Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) pension schemes. This app gives them an overview of their pension scheme details on the go, on their device. Key features include being able to see the current fund value, interactively estimating the value at retirement, calculating the likely impact of any change in contributions and much more. Irish Life EMPOWER can be downloaded for iPhone from the Apple Store and for Android from the Google Play Store.

Pension education - saving for retirement

We have a team of trained professionals (the AIM team) who work in partnership with employers to inform employees about the pension scheme. The AIM team offers presentations to employees as well as one to one consultations. All you need to do is request this service through your account manager. To find out more click here.

Investment fund update

We produce monthly fund factsheets on all the funds provided by us. We update these on our website, under the investment centre, every month with the latest fund price and fund information.