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Irish Life Pension Member Hub

Discover the Power in Your Pension today

At Irish Life we believe there's incredible Power in Your Pension. We want to help you harness all that pension power and make the most of it, so you can have the best possible lifestyle once you're done with work. We call this goal the No-Regrets Retirement

Our dedicated team of pension experts are on a mission to help you make the No-Regrets Retirement a reality. So, we have some great tools & resources here on The Hub to help you Power Up Your Pension. 

Meet Your Team

Our Pension Education Team are on a mission to help you make the No-Regrets Retirement a reality. 


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Maximise the Perks of Your Pension

Here, Alan from our Pension Education Team talks you through making the most of your Irish Life pension.

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Top Tips to Power Up Your Pension

Take your pension saving to the next level with Top Tips from our Member Education Team.                                                                 test test test test

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Tools to Power Up Your Pension

Discover some of the great tools available to help you Power Up Your Pension by taking a whistle stop tour with Alan from our Pension Education Team. 

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Discover more about your Irish Life Pension

Available exclusively to Irish Life Pension Plan Members, our suite of resources and supports encompasses everything from curated video content and member literature, to a calendar of live events, top tips from our experts and, of course, the award-winning Irish Life Pension Portal:

Member Guide

Your Member Guide covers all the basic pension information you need: what a pension is, the tax benefits, how pensions work, your investment options, the supports and tools available to you    on your pension journey and your retirement options.Test


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Member Events & Webinars

Our Member Education Team host regular live events to help you stay on track toward a no-regrets retirement. The last event was a webinar about topping up your pension before the Revenue deadline. You can watch the on-demand video below:


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We understand you may have questions about your workplace pension and so, we've answered the most frequently asked questions by our members. Test test test test test test test test test  Simply click on the link below to get the answers you need:

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Registering for Pension Portal

If you haven’t registered for Pension Portal yet, it’s quick and easy. Simply enter your mobile number and date of birth, and we’ll text you a security code to register with. Test test test test test test
Watch the how-to video below:

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On-demand video content

From how-to guides and FAQ videos to on-demand webinars and playbacks of recent live events, we have lots of engaging video content to help you navigate your pension journey:

Your pension is invested responsibly

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Your Step-by-Step Pension Portal Demo

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What happens to your pension if you move company or country?

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How do you know how much you'll need when you retire?

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