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So, your company pension plan is moving to the Irish Life EMPOWER Master Trust.

We know you may have some questions about what this means, what is changing and what the EMPOWER Master Trust is all about. So, we've pulled together some resources below to answer your questions and give you a high level view of the supports and tools that will be available to you, as an EMPOWER Master Trust pension plan member. 

You might be thinking: what is a master trust?

Before understanding what a master trust is, it’s important to know what a trust is first. Company pension plans are normally set up under a trust, which is designed to protect members by separating the assets of the pension plan from those of the company. A trust is a legal instrument and provides an extra layer of security and separation to help keep plan members’ pension savings safe. 

A master trust is basically a ‘master’ pension plan, which allows multiple company plans to participate under one large trust.

What does moving to the EMPOWER Master Trust mean for you?

We have some great resources to help you understand the basics of moving to the EMPOWER Master Trust: a dedicated Member FAQ page, which is updated regularly; and some on-demand member videos from our pension specialists to talk you through what moving to the EMPOWER Master Trust means for you.

Member Video

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Discover more about your EMPOWER Master Trust pension plan

There are some great tools and supports available to EMPOWER Master Trust members, from member literature, to live events, video content and, of course, our award-winning Pension Portal:

Member Guide

Your Member Guide covers all the basic pension information you need: what a pension is, the tax benefits, how pensions work, your investment options, the supports and tools available to you on your pension journey and your retirement options.

Download your member guide now

Pension Portal

Your Pension Portal allows you to check in with your pension regularly, whenever it suits you. You can see your pension status at a glance and use the handy tools available to stay on track towards a no-regrets retirement. Test Test Test Test Test Test Test

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Member Events & Webinars

Our Pension Education Team host monthly live webinars. The latest Pensions 101 webinar covered the key things that everyone needs to know about pensions.   

You can watch the on-demand webinar below:

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Registering for Pension Portal

If you haven’t registered for Pension Portal yet, it’s quick and easy. Simply enter your mobile number and date of birth, and we’ll text you a security code to register with.

Watch the how-to video below:

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On-demand video content

From how-to guides and FAQ videos to on-demand webinars and playbacks of recent live events, we have lots of engaging video content to help you navigate your pension journey:

How your pension is invested responsibly

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Your Step-by-Step Pension Portal Demo

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What happens to your pension if I move company or country?

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How do you know how much you'll need when you retire?

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