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Pension Pulse - To Be or Not To Be

For the past number of years, Irish Life has sent a communication to all members of Defined Contribution (DC) schemes. This communication was called the “Pension Pulse Statement” and it was issued 3 months after the Annual Benefit Statement. The purpose of the Pension Pulse Statement was to show DC members:
An estimate of the income they could expect each year when they retire based on the estimated value of the pension fund at normal retirement age
Whether they are on track for a target of 1/3rd of salary plus the State Pension in retirement 
Where they were not currently using a lifestyle strategy, it highlighted the risk rating of the funds they were invested in.
These are important messages. We will continue to provide members with important information like this about their pension savings in their annual benefit statements and through our online services.
However, from 1 April 2018, we will no longer be sending the Pension Pulse Statement by post to a DC member’s home address. Instead, members will have access to this information on a daily basis via our personalised online pension system, Pension Planet Interactive.
DC members can view their values, projections and investment risk ratings online. This means the information is based on real-time data so it is a much better way to engage and communicate with DC members. 
Irish Life is here to help members register for Pension Planet Interactive and deal with any questions they may have in relation to their DC plan. Please contact us on (01) 704 2000 or at
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