Switching pension funds

As a member of an Irish Life Corporate Business company pension plan, a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) customer or a Personal Retirement Bond (PRB) customer you have a choice of pension investment options that you may switch between.

Is there a charge for pension investment fund switches?

There is no charge for switching between pension investment funds.

Are there restrictions for pension investment fund switches?

  • In some cases your investment options are limited to the funds and strategies available within your company pension plan, PRSA or PRB.
  • If you are a member of a company pension plan, then you should consult with the trustee(s) of the company pension plan or your financial advisor, before requesting an pension investment fund switch.
  • Market conditions may sometimes require us to impose certain restrictions to switches or exits from pension investment funds. These restrictions may include a delay in switching funds and/or a market value adjustment. Funds that may be affected by these conditions include the Secured Performance Fund, the Capital Protection Fund and the Property Fund.
  • You may choose up to a maximum of five pension investment funds

If you choose an Investment Strategy, such as the Personal Lifestyle Strategy, then all your contributions must be invested in this strategy. If you want to switch any of your pension funds from your chosen strategy, then the strategy will no longer apply to your existing fund holdings or to any future contributions that you make.

For more details about restrictions and other important aspects of fund switches, carefully read the notes section of the fund switch form along with the fund factsheets before you request a fund switch. Please talk to your financial advisor before proceeding with any fund switches.

How do I request a pension investment fund switch?

If you decide to switch pension investment funds, you can choose one of the options below to request your pension investment fund switch.

By Post or Email

You simply print and complete our fund switch form and return it to:

Irish Life Assurance plc,
Corporate Business,
Lower Abbey Street,
Dublin 1

Alternatively, you can also email the completed form back to us at Happytohelp@irishlife.ie

Online through Pension Planet Interactive

If you choose this option, you must be a member of a defined contribution company pension plan and you also must be registered user of Pension Planet Interactive.

Please click here to register. If you are a registered user please click here to log on.

Once logged into Pension Planet Interactive, you will be able to request the pension fund switch through the Investment Centre.

If the pension fund switch option is not available to you on Pension Planet Interactive, you can still request a switch by post or email.

Effective date

  • Pension investment fund switch instructions received between the hours of 00:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding public/bank holidays) will take effect from the date we receive the instruction. Instructions received outside of these hours/days will be effective from the following working day.
  • If we require further or missing information from your original request, the effective date of the pension investment fund switch may be different.
  • If all or part of your pension savings are invested in funds managed by external fund managers, the effective date of the  switch may be different.
  • If there are restrictions or notice periods required on any funds, then your pension investment fund switch will be made in accordance with these. You will be notified at the time you request your pension investment fund switch if this is the case.

Do I receive a confirmation for my pension investment fund switch request?

All pension fund switches will be confirmed in writing detailing the amount that was switched, the effective date and the pension investment fund choice going forward.

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