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Is A "Tsunami" of Home Repossessions Coming? - Irish Times Podcast

On today's podcast Ciarán Hancock talks to David Hall, the mortgage debtor advocate, who expects 20,000 homes to be repossessed by banks or so-called vulture funds over the next six years. Mr Hall was a co-founder of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, a not-for-profit body set up post the 2008 financial crash to help those in mortgage arrears to restructure their loans and remain in their homes. Earlier this month, in the wake of Ulster Bank announcing plans to sell ¤900 million worth of residential loans that are deep in arrears, Mr Hall said a tsunami of repossessions was coming in Ireland. He tells the podcast what IMHO plans next to help mortgage holders in arrears dealing with vulture funds. But first Peter Hamilton has the latest business news, including a look back at the life of Penneys founder Arthur Ryan who died this week.