Welcome to Irish Life Corporate Business: What we can do for you

Running a pension scheme can be demanding for an employer, on both you and your business. A successful Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme requires a variety of robust services and systems in place delivering consistently high standards.

The supports Irish Life develops to run a pension scheme aim to remove the demand on your time, so you can focus on running your business.

Our approach to company pension plans

At our core, we are driving the pension’s agenda to help people across Ireland build better financial futures.

We want people to retire with no regrets about their pension savings, with a good understanding of the steps to take all the way through their careers, to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to their retirement.

We tailor our services to your industry, your company, with the sole purpose of enhancing your employee’s pension outcomes while delivering exceptional value for your pension spend.

We develop long term partnerships with our clients – recognising that our continued innovation will be informed by the challenges our clients face.



Why Irish Life

Irish Life is uniquely positioned to help our clients meet their pension objectives, to help people build better financial futures.

  • managing investments for over 80 years
  • administering DC plans since 1983
  • providing pension services to over 3,000 employer sponsored DC pension plans
  • managing pension for 8 of the 10 biggest Irish companies and 9 of the 10 biggest US companies based in Ireland
  • representing approximately 230,000 individual employees

Source: Irish Life, 2020


Over the past 35 years, we have led the market in developing unique and innovative DC solutions for our clients. We launched the market’s first and only individualised lifestyle strategy and continually add to our award-winning suite of digital member solutions.

DC Pension advice and consulting


As financial wellness becomes an area of key focus, occupational pension plans are becoming integral to employees’ long term financial health.  Irish Life advises many of Ireland’s largest and most innovative employers, helping them to design and implement unique and innovative solutions.  

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with a range of expertise across pensions, investment, actuarial, legal and operations. We help employers to articulate the role played by pension in their wider benefits strategy, to promote financial wellbeing among their colleagues, and to maximise the value for pension spend.

Design and structure

  • The decisions taken by an Employer in setting up or reviewing a plan’s structure will determine the level of participation and outcomes for members. We can help you review the options available, and evaluate the most appropriate structure for your benefits strategy.

Governance and compliance

  • A key objective for everyone involved with a pension plan is best-in-class plan governance. As one of the biggest providers of occupational Defined Contribution plans in the Irish market, we have an unrivalled overview of the governance challenges facing pension plans and we are uniquely placed to identify and provide solutions for these challenges.

Comprehensive reporting and data driven insights

  • Our in-depth administration reports outline all the key activity on your plan, including all plan movements, administration and investment performance and member activity. These reports set out the plan’s compliance and governance status, and provide a useful starting point to tailor a development plan for your pension scheme.

Irish Life EMPOWER (investment)

As one of the largest Irish investment managers, we have long-standing experience in developing innovative investment solutions.  We own our investment platform, giving access to a huge range of both Irish Life and non-Irish Life funds for DC clients. We have a well-established delegated investment solution with a track record of delivering growth in excess of inflation and lower volatility.

Our investment teams are based here in Ireland and are well resourced, with experienced relationship managers to coordinate all services to our clients.


Market leading Personal Lifestyle Strategy

  • Our Personal Lifestyle Strategy is our default option unique to Irish Life. The default investment option tends to be the most popular investment approach often accounting for over 80% of members’ choice.

Investment solutions to deliver a smoother member journey

  • Our investment in technology has allowed Irish Life to develop an innovative approach to life-styling, with a personalised solution for every member.  Although a DC scheme is a group retirement savings arrangement, each individual within it is different. By the time members reach retirement age, their final values and the way in which they can draw down their pension savings will be different.

Wide range of funds for those who want to make their own decisions

  • We offer a wide and comprehensive range of funds that can be administered by Irish Life for DC schemes. Irish Life is the largest investment provider in Ireland and delivers the investments for DC schemes through our life investment platform which has a comprehensive range of investment funds.

Member Experience


  Unique to Irish Life is our Member Engagement Team – a mobile team working solely with members nationwide at their worksites, in groups, with webinars or one to one sessions. Our dedicated Member Engagement Team design communications to help members understand their pension scheme, their expected outcomes and how those outcomes can be enhanced. Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, the team have kept in touch with members on the phone, through online webinars, recorded videos and one to one MS Teams meetings. 

Effective and tailored communication strategy

  • We understand the challenges involved in engaging employees in their pension scheme. That's why we use a range of tools to help members better connect with their pension. We continually evolve how we communicate with members to ensure better education and understanding.  

Digital and traditional methods of delivery

To help people build better financial futures we have developed personal, intuitive & tangible member solutions:

Pension Portal empowers pension plan members to: Our EMPOWER App helps members: Our website – www.irishlifecorporatebusiness.ie – hosts engaging pension content for members and employers respectively:
  • Independently plan their future
  • View all their pension benefits in one place
  • Set a clear target retirement goal.
  • Track the progress of their pension
  • Access tools and information easily
  • Plan for their retirement
  • Retirement Planning
  • FAQs
  • Budget Planner
  • “Life after Work”
  • Trustee Training
  • Thought Leadership articles
  • Retirement planning and support

We believe members need ongoing financial advice, pre and post retirement and during changes to their circumstances.